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Back Pain Massage

Back Massage

Relief for Upper and Lower Back Pain is here!

My base training is medical massage, which is the style most often used in a chiropractors office or when a patient is receiving physical therapy. This is why I was trained so extensively in massage for pain management and healing. One area we studied heavily was treatment for back pain, both of the upper and lower back. 


Some people develop back pain issues over time, or from years hunched over a desk at work. Sports injuries are another cause of back pain. Car injuries another cause. I have worked with many clients over the years who have had their back pain caused by a variety of these issues.

The primary Massage styles I use when treating back pain: Deep Tissue massage, Orthopedic massage (as used in a chiropractors office), elements of chiro massage for spinal decompression, Shiatsu Acupressure (This is with my thumbs, it’s NOT Acupuncture – NO NEEDLES are used). I may use NMT bars (as used in Neuro-muscular therapy) as needed.

Meet Deb CMT

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