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Creating a Massage Room in your home

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Many people are creating a massage room in their own home. It can be a place for your outcall massage therapist to massage you, your spouse, family or friends.

Sometimes clients will ask me where they can purchase different products for their personal massage setup in their home. Still, when I see them multiple massages later, they have not had time to search online and find the items they had asked about. People are busy in todays world, and odds are if your getting a massage for stress, your time is very limited to.

I hope this post will help you in setting up your own relaxation space with minimal effort and online search time. In it you will find a list with links where to purchase the items to make setting up your space a breeze.


1. Massage Table

3. Face rest covers - often forgotten but included with most sheet sets

4. Foot Bolster, to elevate feet. This alleviates pressure on your lower back and keeps the legs relaxed while your laying face down. Very helpful if you have low back pain or Sciatica. I use a jumbo half round under clients ankles. Click this link to see!

5. Neck bolster, to keep the neck comfy while laying face up.

6. Professional Massage cream. Regular lotion will quickly dry and lacks the glide needed for a massage. Oil can sometimes be more messy than some clients like. This is the Biotone massage cream I use in my studio. It is not too heavy or slippery and good for deep tissue massage. Click here to see!

7. Coconut oil - for those who enjoy oil and the benefits of coconut


Massage Products: Massage Warehouse

This Coconut Massage oil holds a special place in my heart as it is the one our lomi lomi instructor introduced our massage class to years ago at Massage School of Santa Monica in North Hollywood, CA

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