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San Clemente Massage

Finding Inspiration in Every Massage

Feeling stressed, tight or aches and pains? Contact San Clemente Knot Ninjas today and schedule your massage! (310) 435-0137

Back Massage

Soothing Healing Massage with an Intuitive Touch

I emphasize soothing, yet results-oriented massage. I've heard from clients over the years that a gentle massage is nice, but what most people who come to me want is a balance between working out tough knots and slipping blissfully into the "relaxation zone." That's what I aim for in each massage with you!


I work with many clients with chronic BACK PAIN and Hip Pain - Let me Help you today!


I refer to my practice as Integrated massage therapy - meaning I combine different massage styles to achieve Optimal Results... Including Deep Tissue, deep spa Swedish, Orthopedic, Trigger Point Therapy, Structural integration, Traditional Swedish, Hawaiian hot stones, and Shiatsu acupressure.


There is pampering and healing in each massage I do... clients tell me I have a kind and relaxing nature that puts them quickly at ease each time they see me... 



Muscle strains, issues that effect Mobility or Range of Motion, are generally caused by trigger points and connective tissue restrictions. Their 'root' cause (when they began) were most likely caused by trauma or injury, or stress to the muscles thru repetitive movements.


By combining the "BIG 3 PAIN ZAPPERS" of Orthopedic, Structural Integration and Trigger Point therapies, I can help to reduce and in many cases eliminate your pain in almost any region of the body - naturally helping your body heal itself.

Meet Deb CMT

Image by Boris  Smokrovic
Image by Jesse Cason
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