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Fountain Valley Massage

The Ninja is ready to address issues of the body, mind and soul for an all around healing to get you into the best shape of your life!
(310) 435-0137

Sunset Martial Arts

I work on muscle, fascia, lymphatic and energy systems, to rejuvenate tired bodies and minds. If you’ve been working or just playing too hard, it’s time to treat yourself to some well-earned healthy and therapeutic relaxation with a real massage by a trained and experienced masseuse!

Send me your weary – I will return you to youthful feelings!

From scalp, pectorals, arms, glute, legs and feet, I can help keep you in tip-top shape between your work-outs, office visits, anything in life really that you need and want to recover from. Let’s talk your good health and peace of mind. Text me today! (310) 435-0137

Meet Deb CMT

Image by Boris  Smokrovic
Image by Jesse Cason
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