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Debilitating Sciatica Pain - Troubleshooting

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

I recently worked on a client with debilitating sciatica pain. They had been unable to get out of bed for three weeks, so it was hampering their ability to go to work and enjoy life. During the two hour massage I did not find tightness in the usual areas that cause sciatic issues. The client felt the pain on the right but I found tightness instead on the left side, which I worked out with massage for piriformis neuralgia, chiropractic massage, deep tissue massage, structural integration bodywork and shiatsu acupressure. I also checked the body for additional tight areas that could be reflecting the pain. The erector muscles on both sides of the clients spine were extremely tight in their upper back, more so once again, on the left than on the right side that was feeling the pain. I worked on this with chiropractic massage, NMT, orthopedic massage as used in physical therapy and trigger point. As we continued the massage we ran into a third location of severe pain, also on the opposite side where the client had been feeling pain for the prior three weeks. This was found in the lateral quads. For this I used structural integration, deep tissue massage, thumb strips and trigger point/NMT style work. At the end of the massage, the client stated it was the most pain free they had felt in weeks. If you have sciatica pain, I have worked with complicated and complex cases in my 16 plus years as a certified massage therapist. Let me help you get back to enjoying life again!

Sciatica massage specialist in Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo, Aliso Viejo, San Clemente, Dana Point, and Woodland Hills. (310) 435-0137, Deb CMT, Knot Ninjas Massage Therapy.

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