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  • Deb

Regular massage client extends their 2 hour massage to 3 hours!

What are the benefits of a longer massage?

This week one of my long-time regular massage clients decided to extend their usual Two hour Ninja Signature massage to three hours. This was a great choice for them, as they have been working out a lot plus playing weekly soccer games. They were running super tight and this gave us extra time to really work on the muscles and get them loosened up to avoid injuries.

I used multiple styles in this massage, as my regular likes firm pressure and their super solid so they can handle a lot of pressure. So I used everything! Deep tissue, structural integration (Rolfing), Trigger point, Bamboo fusion where I roll out the muscles with a wooden stick, T-bar therapy in which I use a wooden T shaped bar to go deep into contracted muscles and bust up the knots.

To add a touch of luxury I added a nice scalp and foot massage to the mix. So my client was not only thoroughly loosened up, they were super relaxed and ready to enjoy the rest of their weekend!


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