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Deep Tissue

For those who feel tight or tense, even possibly have muscle knots, this massage goes deep to smooth them out leaving a rejuvenated relaxed feeling. General pressure is Medium to firm.

Swedish Massage

Light to Medium pressure massage for those without knots who simply wish to blissfully relax.

Barefoot/Fijian Massage
Just like the name implies, this massage is done with the therapists Bare feet. This is a unique, soothing massage done in medium pressure.

Sciatica Massage

A massage specifically for the treatment of sciatica pain.

Legs Massage

For those who have don’t need their back/neck worked on and just want to get their legs massaged. This massage is often good for joggers/runners and those on their feet or sitting a lot.

Ninja Signature Massage

A Simple Massage based on your preferences and goals for the session. The therapist will combine styles. This is the most popularly booked massage.


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Massage Reviews 

         My arms had been solid and in pain for so long I thought that was just natural. I’m also a big guy, 6’4”  and 275Lbs. so a lot of massage therapists styles have little effect for me. I was referred to Deb a couple years ago by my neighbor. She does deep tissue and back walking for me.  Since then she has worked out the tightness of my arms so the pain is gone. Worked on pain I had in one of my shoulders, both legs, and one hip. My golf game has greatly improved with her help. I feel like a kid again!

-- Jim

My most recent massage with Deb was the most pampering of all time. I had my usual two-hour massage with warm organic coconut oil which is always excellent. But she also included a special she was offering of free hot stones that finished with a hot towel treatment. I told her I thought she was trying to spoil me.

-- B.M.

I generally get 2-3 hour massages wherever I go, but your massage was a “whole new level.” I had to rest on the table for awhile to come back to reality before I could get up. My neck, back and legs have never been so relaxed. Thank you, Deb. I’m a Deb-liever, I believe you’re the best!

-- Neil

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