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Hi! I'm Deb, a Intuitively Skilled Certified Massage Therapist Available by appointment  24/7.
I'm a certified massage therapist. Please contact me for legitimate massage only. Thank you!

$80/hour * $120/90 minute * $160/two hour - Cash or Credit Cards Accepted

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Pebble Stone Beach

The Ninja Signature massage includes an exotic blend of essential oils, heated lava stones to deeply relax the muscles, and far east nuances to balance and rejuvenate your “chi” energy. Available in both Swedish and Deep Tissue styles, it is a deeply healing and relaxing massage experience.

$80/Hour * $120/90 Min * $160/2 Hour



Swedish massage blends long, flowing strokes, restoring a sense of calm to mind and body while promoting a state of blissful relaxation. Welcome to Nirvana and escape for an 60/90/120 minutes to a Dreamy place.
I'm a certified massage therapist. Please contact me for legitimate massage only. Thank you!

$80/Hour * $120/90 Min * $160/2 Hour

Deep Tissue massage focuses on the deepest layers of muscle and fascia. One of the most physically beneficial modalities, Deep Tissue provides relief for sore muscles, increases flexibility, and helps heal issues caused by overuse, physical activity, and muscle strain.

$80/Hour * $120/90 Min * $160/2 Hour




I work with a variety of pain issues of the Back, Hip, Legs and Neck. I also specialize in Sciatica pain caused by Piriformis Neuralgia. To treat pain I combine Trigger Point, NMT, Orthopedic, Deep Tissue, Structural Integration massage therapies as needed.

$80/Hour * $120/90 Min * $160/2 Hour

For the Absolute Ultimate in Dreamy pampering, you can add a 30 minute Hawaiian Hot Stone treatment to your regular massage. It is a healing technique based on the principle of the oceans waves. The warmed stones are coated with hot coconut oil and kept continuously moving across your skin throughout the entire session.

$60/30 minute (Ad-on to any massage)




Created to alleviate emotional and physical stress, Tranquility Touch is centered around A light effleurage technique that calms and centers. Nuances of LomiLomi and Esalen styles.

I'm a certified massage therapist. Please contact me for legitimate massage only.

$80/Hour * $120/90 Min * $160/2 Hour




Vitality Deep Tissue and Sciatica Massage Video above

Serenity Swedish and Tranquil Touch Massage Video above

I'm a certified massage therapist. Please contact me for legitimate massage only. Thank you!

Hi! I'm Deb,
A certified massage therapist with 16 years experience.

 My clients call me the Knot Ninja

as I do subtle, deep work that helps tame knots

and loosens tight bodies.

Above is a list of massage types I provide.

Image by Tim Chow

My goal is to provide boutique service to my clients.  I have a low volume studio and consequently get to know everyone well.  I strive to stay abreast of new and innovative therapies in the massage space. This list represents a subset of clients who have enjoyed my work and wish to share their experience.



My arms had been solid and in pain for so long I thought that was just natural. I’m also a big guy, 6’4” and 275Lbs. so a lot of massage therapists styles have little effect for me. I was referred to Deb a couple years ago by my neighbor. She does deep tissue and back walking for me.  Since then she has worked out the tightness of my arms so the pain is gone. Worked on pain I had in one of my shoulders, both legs, and one hip. My golf game has greatly improved with her help. I feel like a kid again!

-- Jim

My most recent massage with Deb was the most pampering of all time. I had my usual two-hour massage with warm organic coconut oil which is always excellent. But she also included a special she was offering of free hot stones that finished with a hot towel treatment. I told her I thought she was trying to spoil me.

-- B.M.

Deborah is truly a skilled healer and body-worker. If you are suffering from illness related to stress (which a lot of our illness is due to!!!), Deborah provides a therapeutic medical massage protocol that will reduce the stress, which in turn will reduce the symptoms of your illness. Through her regular work, she has released all the muscular tension that has been killing me for a long time on the right side of my neck and upper shoulder area. Deborah is professional, no-nonsense, kind and helpful. She is always friendly and ready to book an appointment when it was convenient for me. She seems to be right there with 100% attention and detail. I recommend Deborah wholeheartedly and give her a 5-star rating! Thank you, Deborah for helping me feel better! :)

-- Hannah