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Leg Tightness and Treatment

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Relief for Tired, Over-worked, Tense Legs is here!

Leg tightness and tension doesn’t just occur in runners, joggers, soccer players, and other athletes. Plenty of people get tired, tense legs from standing or sitting long hours at work, or making a daily commute with long hours of sitting. Long airplane flights could also be a cause of a tense, uncomfortable feeling in someone’s legs.

Often when clients visit me due to hip and leg tightness, they tell me the typical spa massages they’ve received in the past spend only a few minutes on the legs. Simply put, clients want and need a longer leg massage. We rely on our legs to move us around daily, and they’re going to collect considerable stress over time with the workload they carry.

In the signature two hour massage, I generally spend a full hour working on the legs to get the circulation moving, fresh oxygen flow through them, and any accumulated lactic acid out. The result is a refreshed, more youthful feeling in the legs. Legs feel relaxed and reenergized at the same time!

For those who don't have time for the Signature Two Hour massage, I also offer a focused one hour leg massage.

I'm a certified massage therapist. Please contact me for legitimate massage only. Thank you.

Massage modalities I often combine in the leg massage: Deep Tissue, Russian Sports Massage, Structural Integration aka/ Rolfing, Bamboo Fusion.

Meet Deb CMT

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