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Jessie's Lemon Meringue Pie

Quick note: this is not a photo of the actual pie, as I ate it before writing the review. LOL!

For those who are trying to eat less sugar or prefer alternative sweeteners such as Splenda or Maltitol, this may be the Lemon Meringue pie you've been looking for.

I generally do not seek out deserts made with faux sweeteners, but a friend came by with this, and I loved it! I have eaten a lot of deserts, including home-made pies made by my grandmother as a kid. This pie was the best lemon meringue I've ever had.

The lemon was not too tart or sweet, and not stiff or jello like either. The crust was like a thick, slightly soft cookie that was gently flavored with lemon essence and had a touch of sweetness to it unlike a traditional pie crust that has no sweetness.

The meringue on top was not as spongy as a traditional meringue, it was almost like a cross between a meringue and a bit of creaminess like a light whip cream topping. This also had a slight sweetness to it, but not over-done. All three flavors and textures complimented the other.

My friend stated they purchased it at Ralph's grocery market in Canoga Park, CA.

Purchase price was $12.99

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